Voices from current ESL teachers

My work gives me a valuable insight into the culture, especially at my social clubs, where I often learn from my students as much as they learn from me. I have been a teacher for almost ten years, but I feel that my teaching at Web is more worthwhile and more rewarding as it actually makes a huge difference here. Students can get better jobs or gain promotion in their existing jobs because of their improved English. ——Paul Rudd ( Jiangyin, Jiangsu )

I have been working with WEB since 2008 and it has been an enjoyable experience. I'm very happy to work with young professional people, who make a dynamic team united by the common goal. I believe my job is exciting because teaching a foreign language is always a challenge for a teacher. Many might think that teaching is boring and repetitive, well, I beg to disagree. Different students, different viewpoints and different environment make every class special and somewhat unique. I think teaching is not only skill, it's also an art form. I'm proud of being a teacher. I arrived in China in 2006 and have stayed here ever since. I lived in Shanghai for a while and had a chance to travel around China extensively. Nanjing is my city of choice because I have lots of friends here. Besides that, it was in Nanjing that I met my wife and my baby was born. This city is a historic place, but it's not history that is of supreme importance for me. In fact, I feel at home here in Nanjing. My baby goes to a kindergarten here, my wife studies here. It all makes up for precious experience. ——Steve ( Nanjing )

Since becoming the Head Teacher in Web of the Xiamen Branch I have found that we can enjoy our life and be a FAMILY. We have shared many things and problems and happiness at the same time. We joke, work, talk and sometimes have misunderstandings, but at the end of the day we still care about each other. After work we do things to enjoy our friendships. So for me I am glad that Web has come into my life in many ways, shapes and forms. With being the Head Teacher I am glad to work, have new friendships and new young people to love as my own. ——Shari Stafford ( Xiamen )