2015 Students of Excellence Closing Ceremony at Web International English

In December 2015 the closing ceremony took place in Shanghai. The general manager of the Web Education Group presented prizes to the excellent students chosen from Web centers nationwide. During the ceremony those awarded students made a speech about how to learn English effectively. They now have a great understanding of the language and gave there follows classmates some suggestions and tips on how to study English more effectively.


Allen is a graduate from Beijing University who is now a well-known photographer in China. Allen was motivated to find opportunities overseas but poor communication skills became the biggest obstacle in his career. After some serious thought Allen decided to study oral English in Web International English and has never looked back since. He has made huge progress with his oral English and also his photography in recent months. Allen photography was shown on the big screen in New York Times Square this year. It’s a remarkable achievement and now Allen has the confidence to work and live overseas.


Caidie is an accomplished actress. She has an extremely busy schedule but is highly motivated in improving her oral English. She studies in Web International English whenever she has a free hour in her schedule. She feels watching American movies can really help her listening skills and also can help her learn some new phrases and expressions. When she touches down in Beijing she will spend most of her time in Web to practice her oral English. She’s a real inspiration to others as she’s really driven to have a successful career.


John is a retired math teacher from Wenzhou. John is now 88 years old and is highly motivated to study English because he loves travelling overseas. He believes age is only a number and you can learn a second language at any age. I think John’s dedication and commitment is a inspiration for everyone to see.