About WEBI

Course Structure

Students are placed into one of eight levels when they begin their course at Web. The levels are as follows, from lowest to highest: Ice Breaker, Threshold, Beginner, Lower-Intermediate, Intermediate, Business-Intermediate, Business-Advanced, and Advanced. The majority of students are placed into Beginner or Lower-Intermediate when they start.

The core of each level is composed of 36 one-hour classes taught by a foreign teacher. Twelve of the classes are called Private Class and 24 are called Salon Class.

Private Classes have a maximum of 4 students and are based on a unit that students have learned on the computer. The classes are sequential. The focus is on language accuracy, and students are evaluated at the end of each class. The teacher may decide to have the student repeat the class if the student has not demonstrated sufficient language skill in the lesson.

Salon Classes have a maximum of 10 students and do not require as much student preparation as Private Classes. Students choose 24 Salon classes from various topics that are made for their level. There is no order to the Salon Classes. The focus is on fluency and students are not evaluated at the end of class.

In addition to Private and Salon Classes, students can take an unlimited number of Social Clubs (also called English corner). Either there is a topic prepared for the teacher by Web, or the teacher can teach a topic of his or her choice, including games, fluency exercises, multimedia, etc.

Chinese tutors teach Application Classes, sometimes speaking Chinese in addition to English, especially in lower level classes.

Foreign teachers and Chinese tutors also lead ECAs, where the students can participate in an activity either inside the center, such as a Christmas or Valentine’s Day party, or outside the center, such as a sport or game, a picnic, or some other kind of outing.

Students must prepare and deliver a short presentationin Presentation Class towards the end of their level in order to upgrade to the next level.