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A passion for education. A passion for Web International English.

Foreign teachers create a fun, lively, and effective learning environment for learners at Web International English Schools throughout China. Bring your unique personality, humor, talent and passion to Web International English. As one of the largest English Language training schools, you'll genuinely connect with your learners as they develop their skills and immerse themselves in the English language. Whether you're working inside a learning center or in our corporate office, you will be part of a collaborative, engaging, and dynamic environment that values teamwork and recognizes the extraordinary efforts of its team members. Here are some positions available to for foreign teachers:

ESL Teacher:The position of ESL teacher is available for those with two years of teaching experience and a TEFL or TESOL certificate.

Senior Teacher:Full-time ESL teachers who have shown superior teaching skill can be promoted to be senior teachers. Senior teachers help new teachers become accustomed to their daily teaching routine and ensure teaching quality at their center.

Teacher Trainer:Full-time ESL teachers who have taught at Web for at least one year, have shown superior teaching skill, and have in depth knowledge of Web’s philosophy and methods have the opportunity to be promoted to be teacher trainers at Web’s headquarters.
Explore available opportunities and discover an exciting, rewarding career with Web International English.

Curriculum Developer:The Education department is recruiting a Curriculum Developer. This is a an excellent opportunity for an experienced, creative, adaptable and self motivated teacher to make the next step up in their teaching career and develop their curriculum designing skills in a brilliant working environment.