Life in China

About Traffic

The well-developed traffic in China ensures you pleasant and convenient life in this country. There are various means of transportation available here. You can choose what suits you best for travel.

City Transportation


For the first-tier cities in China like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin and Shenzhen, subway is the most popular means of transportation. The convenient subways pass through almost all the downtown areas of these cities. During your one-hour lunch time at noon, you can even go for a meal at a restaurant hundreds of meters away from your office by subway.



Bus is one of the most commonly used transportation tools in China. With numerous buses covering almost a city or town together, you can go anywhere you want to. Every passenger needs to pay the charge of bus to the box placed at the entry of getting on or show a magnetic card to record the consumption of his fee. In some tourist cities, there are also free-of-charge buses offered by the government to the public.



Taxi is a convenient means of transportation in various cities in China. Simply raise your hand, and a taxi will appear in no time. The fee for your ride is composed of two parts: the basic price and the extra price for extra km, which would vary to the grade of the taxi and be quite different in different cities. But you'd better choose a taxi with a business permit, and before you disembark from a taxi ride, ask the driver for a receipt.


Inter-city Transportation


In China, railway is the most popular means of inter-city transportation. First-tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are conveniently linked by major railways to the capitals of all provinces and other important cities and counties. With the top speed of 160 km per hour of express trains and the maximum speed of 200 km per hour of arterial railways, you may even be able to reach a neighbor city within 45 minutes.



China has a total of 1,279 civil flight routes, 1,035 of which are domestic routes reaching all large and medium-sized cities, and 244 of which are international ones, connecting China with more than 70 cities abroad. Therefore, whenever you’d like to hurry to a place in the least time, you are bound to find a flight perfect for you. Here, you are able to enjoy warm, safe and high-quality aviation service.



At present, all the provincial capitals and capitals of the autonomous regions in China are the highway passenger transport centers. Scheduled long-distance sleeper coaches are available between the provincial capitals and their prefectures, cities, counties and towns. You could enjoy the varied sceneries and landscapes along the road while lying on your sleeper dozing off.