Life in China

Life in China

Teachers have annual leave and all national holidays are paid. This gives teachers the stability and job security they need along with the freedom to explore the city they live in, as well as travel both within and outside the country.

China is one of the most rapidly developing countries in the world. You will have the opportunity to experience the culture first hand, meeting new and interesting people every day both in and out class. Learn how to use chopsticks (if you don’t already know) and enjoy real Chinese cuisine! Learn to speak Chinese in your free time by taking a class or just wander down the street and start a simple conversation with people you meet.

Christopher John Hurley (Shenyang WEB)
From Australia

The people in Shenyang are very friendly to foreigners, the food is amazing and totally unlike the food I got in the Chinese restaurants in Australia. I was hooked and came back in June 2009 to start my second new life in China!

I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work at Web in Shenyang. I hear so many horror stories from other teachers of other schools. The staff here are so friendly and good humoured and, I know I can trust them (very important for a foreigner living in China!). They have done all they can to help me live my life here as comfortably as possible. The students are great and really appreciate my efforts to help them improve their English.

My Second new life is never boring, there is always something happening, new things to learn or experience. I am ruined as there is no way I could go back to my boring humdrum life in Australia!

Thank you Web for giving me the chance for an exciting new life in the autumn of my years (I am 57!)

Gloria (Changzhou WEB)
From America

This is my first time in another country, and my experience in China as been magnificent. I have learn valuable and significant amount of information from my fellow co-workers, students, and made new terrific friends with in a short period of time. My Chinese co-workers strive to make me feel at home and aid me in any personal challenges I may have in my new surroundings. The culture of the Chinese people never seems to amaze me with powerful family structures and admirable friendships. Most of my new friends treat me like a family member.

I find that traveling around China to be extraordinarily easy now and it has allowed me to see many historical areas near by such as Wuxi, Suzhou, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. I plan on doing much more mini trips around China. Getting lost in China may be my next venture.

All in all, my experience has been superb.

Lascelles A . Wallace (Wujing WEB)
From America

I have been employed by Web International since March of 2012 at the Wujin district and in the town of Hutang. I am a country boy so this seeming small town is beautiful for me. Friendly and clean environment and many beautiful parks. It has been a summary of all my journeys in my life. I am able to reach back into my life travels and educational background and with the support and help of a great team of tutors and course consultant I am able to deliver an effective lesson to our students. Without their support and help I just know it would be just another ESL training center. I am grateful and humbled by them. The method of delivery I believe in because of my technology background and the role I play in all of this is key because this also allows me to see China in a different and more wholesome way. The China that is, warm kind friendly and curious to learn and understand the world they only hear about. I have found richness in visiting small towns in my spare time and my life long dream of wanting to be in China. My mother once told me that home is where the heart is. Well , I am home. I have so much to learn and want to learn.