Life in China

About Culture

Steven Michael Schaerer ( Beijing WEB )

I have had the great pleasure of working at Web International as an ESL teacher for nearly a year. Having the opportunity to help so many students improve their English has been a truly rewarding experience. My favorite thing about teaching at Web is how many friends I have made so quickly. The staff feels like a second family away from home and the students are always kind and eager to learn. I spend free time with my local Beijing friends exploring the Hutongs, playing basketball and exploring new Chinese cuisine. The course curriculum is really well designed and social club classes give you the opportunity to get your creative juices flowing. Life in Beijing has made the transition from California simple and easy. Beijing is an amazing mix between traditional Chinese culture and a lively modern city. Whether you prefer to indulge in Sanlitun’s vibrant bar scene or journey across the great wall, Beijing is the perfect city for you. I highly recommend working for Web International and I hope you are able to enjoy in the experience as well!

Melissa Black ( Shanghai WEB )

My name is Melissa and I have been working for Web International in the Xuhui centre since February 2012. During this time I have found them to be a great employer that provides a pleasant working environment as well as ongoing training and support for their teachers. Since moving to Shanghai from Australia over a year ago, I have experienced a completely different and unique culture. Shanghai has proven to be an incredibly exciting and fast-paced city to live, and one that I am proud to call "home".

Patrick Charles McCourt ( Xuzhou WEB )
From America

I have been working at Web for a little over a year and a half. Our center in Xuzhou is a special place to work because right outside our window we can see the stark and beautiful contrasts that define one of the oldest cultures on earth, developing and modernizing at an incredible rate. Being a Web teacher means that you do not only walk past these exciting changes on our ways to work, we come face to face with them in the classroom; we experience the wonderful differences and we learn from each other every day. The experience at Web is a valuable one, as teachers we share the tools to live and excel in a foreign environment and by the students we are enriched with the exhilaration of forming lasting relationships with the Chinese staff and students.

Keith Alan Salzman ( Wuhan WEB)

I am called Keith Alan Salzman, and the following describes the path I have traveled upon arriving in this elegant albeit mysterious land referred to as “China”. Never could I imagine the sets and subsets of feelings bestowed upon me after discovering my destination of Wuhan. From incipiency of the journey that lead me to where I am now, I can only characterize myself as exuberant for attribution of knowledge and culture. At the same time striving to rid myself of what can only be described as: “a piece of me that was missing”. My struggles lead to a place called Web International English. At this place I now revere, I have discovered a unique quality that has enthralled me in joy and eradicated all inhibitions I held towards life. Students and colleagues alike have exhibited and continually posses the most caring outlook on life I have yet to experience. Everyday I spend here I find a little more of myself and what it means to truly live. This is why I can bravely, and without a single ounce of hesitation of recalcitrance, say that Web is my home away from home.